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BaawsSocks Menswear Socks

BaawsSocks, pronounced (Boss Socks), are new sock company that successfully funded their Kickstarter almost a year ago. The UK company based in London has produced a line of men’s fashion socks only suitable for a “Baws”.

The Socks

BaawsSocks are produced in Italy offer a nice feel when wearing them. I had the pleasure of trying three different pairs and they fit my feet well. I believe they come in “one size fits all”, which may turn some off, but luckily for me I have average sized feet with a 9.5 on the US Brannock Device.
BaawsSocks The creative bunch at the BaawsSocks company designed these colorful socks to give the wearer more confidence with each step. I am personally a big fan of menswear socks and I can’t seem to get enough of them. In comparison to experience I had with Happy Socks or the Strollegant Socks I reviewed, I’d say these are slightly thicker.

The cotton is soft yet has some rigidity to it. I have run these through the washer and drier three times now and they’ve held up just fine. I’ve said this in another review, but most manufacturers insist that you don’t run your socks through the drier as they start to break down the elastic and will slowly start to deteriorate. I don’t necessarily need a single pair of socks to last me a lifetime, as long as they can handle 2 to 3 year, I am happy. These feel like they are up to the challenge.

I wear boots 75% of the week and these are the perfect length as the go to about mid-calf. They are a bit longer than some of the other men’s fashion socks I’ve tried, and it is a pleasant surprise. This helps for them to stay around my calves and not slide down to my ankles. You don’t want to have to be constantly adjusting your socks throughout the day. The only time you should be thinking about your socks is when you cross your legs, or when someone else notices them.

The colors and designs of these menswear socks are unique and the cotton feels good on the feet. There’s something about a fresh pair of socks that makes me feel all warm and cozy.


One of the things I love most about this brand is their funny videos. Here’s are their short ads.


Overall I am happy with the BaawsSocks I received. I think any guy who ventures into wearing menswear socks wants a certain level of attention when their pants come up, and these certainly fit the bill. They aren’t over the top, but are offer nice patterns and colors we seek to make us feel unique.

BaawsSocks Lifestyle

Head over to to look at the different men’s fashion socks they have. There are plenty of colors and patterns!

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