Beginner Fashion for Men





If you were anything like me when I first began getting into fashion and you know you want to dress better but don’t know where to start, have no fear! When I first gained an interest in dressing myself better I was overwhelmed by the amount of information the Internet had to offer. The first thing I did was starting to Google basic tips. However it wasn’t until I joined a fashion community and read numerous blogs that I really got a hold of what dressing well meant. I’m sure a lot you guys know what looks good. You see another guy and you think to yourself, “Hey, that looks great, I can see myself wearing something like that!”. You might not know exactly what it is that makes what you’re seeing look good but know still know as a whole it looks good. I am going to go over some of the basics of dressing better to help you figure out what look you are aiming for.

Beginner fashion for men starts with with the number one rule, it is cliché to say, but FIT IS KEY! You can have the most expensive suit in the world, but if it doesn’t fit you, it’s not going to look good. Let’s start with the top of the body. A good fitting shirt starts with a good fit in the shoulders. Look at your shirts, see that seem where the sleeve and the rest of the shirt come together? That seam should fall close to the top of your shoulder blade. A large part of men make the mistake of buying clothes that fit them, but don’t FIT them. What I mean is that men will put a shirt on, and if it will fit on their body without much restriction they think it fits. Once you understand how clothes should fit you can have a just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and still look polished.


Look at this image. You’ll notice how both go over and cover the body but one looks much better than the other. This is because one fits and the other doesn’t. I’m sure you’ve seen a kid wearing a suit too big for him and you hear a joke that it must be their dad’s suit. You would be surprised that amount of men who still wear suit sizes too big even though they are full grown men. The most important part of any jacket, sweater or shirt is the fit in the shoulders and the chest. If it fits you in the chest and shoulders, you can most likely get the rest tailored. If you’ve been blessed with a cookie cutter body and can fit most clothes off the rack, congratulations! For the rest of us are going to have to try a lot things on before figuring out what looks and feels right and then taking them to the tailor to get the rest altered.

Lets move on to the lower half. There are two measurements that pants are defined by, the waist and the length. With just those two measurements to worry about, many men still haven’t quite caught on to the concept of how it should fit. There are plenty more measurements you will eventually learn that will help you find the perfect fit. The first thing you want to do when is find pair of pants that fits you well in the waist, they should not need a belt to stay up and should not be too constricting. Get a tailor tape measure and put it around your waist and read the number. You might be surprised that this number is larger than what your pants actually say. This is because a majority of clothing brands do a thing called Vanity Sizing. Vanity sizing is more or less a way to make you feel better about the clothes you’re wearing. A lot of US manufactures will take the actual waist measurement and subtract 2. So if you wear a size 34 in Levi’s jeans, you most likely measure at 36 inches. Unfortunately it makes finding clothes harder for people because there is no one standard amongst brands. But by you knowing your exact measurements, you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to ordering clothes online or trying them on in a store. Next measure the inseam. An inseam measurement starts from the bottom of the crotch to the end of the pant leg. Take a look at how your pants look on you know. In most cases men buy their pants too long. There is often extra fabric that bunches up around your feet. You want to aim for almost zero to partial break. Break is the amount of extra fabric there is at the bottom of your pants, no break means that your pant leg fall right at your shoe when standing. Full break means there is one fold before hitting your shoe.

If you can master these two you will be well on your way to dressing better. I will continue to go through the basics of dressing yourself better with each post and before you know it you’ll be the best dressed person in your office or of your friends and people will be coming to you for fashion advice!