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Allen & Bradley Leather Goods is a company running its shop out of a garage in New York. They pride themselves on being a Made in America brand and source all of their materials from the US. They produce high quality handcrafted leather goods such as iPad and iPhone covers, key chains, and notebook covers. Edgar Allen the owner of the company has been a leather worker for many years and has recently began creating these wonderfully crafted leather goods. You can see the Allen & Bradley Etsy store and their small array of products. This review will go over my thoughts of the Allen & Bradley Leather Minimalist Wallet.


Allen & Bradley Minimalist Wallet Front

Initial Thoughts

I received my package and opened it to find that my wallet was in a nice dust bag that gave it an authentic feeling of being a handmade good. Allen & Bradley Minimalist Wallet with Dust BagI opened it up to find a very thin minimalist wallet, much thinner in comparison to my last wallet from Saddleback.

Allen & Bradley Minimalist Wallet vs Saddleback

It came with Edgar Allen’s business card, a nice touch and sign of a small business mentality. The first thing I noticed was of the simple logo design on the front, “Allen & Bradley NYC, USA” and next was the distinct but welcomed smell of a new leather wallet.

Allen & Bradley Business Card

The thing I love most about minimalist wallets is that they force you to go through your wallet and find what is and isn’t necessary. For me it was a old gift cards and store loyalty cards, there’s apps for most of this stuff now so I added them to my phone. Plus you could just give them your phone number anyway.


The full grain vegetable tanned leather is substantial and feels genuinely durable. I chose to go with the vegetable tanned option as I enjoy the nice patina it is bound to produce that gives me a real sense of ownership.

Looking at the stitching I can tell Edgar Allen has took his time to make sure that it was done correctly, but it still shows that it’s handcrafted good as there are little imperfections that give it real character.

A minimalist wallet is just that, minimal, so you won’t find too much going on as far as design, but this wallet has some detailed lines to give it a little character. This Allen & Bradley minimalist wallet has nicely burnished edges that completes a well rounded product.

Allen & Bradley Minimalist Wallet Stitching DetailAllen & Bradley Minimalist Wallet Cash Strap

The wallet has a front pocket, a center pocket, and a cash strap on the back. I was able to fit 2 cards in the front 2 cards in the back and could fit 5 US bills in the cash strap. The wallet was a bit stiff when first trying to slide cards in. I’m sure overtime I could stretch the wallet out to fit more but I like the challenge of keeping only what I need.

Allen & Bradley Minimalist Wallet with CashAllen & Bradley with cash

As someone who never uses cash, I opted to use the cash strap to hold two ID cards as they are easier to access whenever I need to pull them out. Allen & Bradley do offer custom designs so you could forgo the cash strap for another pocket like the front.

In comparison to my last wallet this one is much thinner. At only .8” fully loaded I can easily slip it into my front pocket or even a suit jacket pocket without a noticeable bulge.


  • Full grain leather sourced in the US
  • Burnished edges
  • Only .8” at it’s fullest
  • Made in America
  • Warranty: If you don’t like it, they’ll make you something new


  • Very stiff and difficult to get cards in initially
  • May be “too” minimalist for some


Overall I thoroughly enjoy the Allen & Bradley Minimalist Wallet. I try to use Made in America products as much as I can, and this fits the bill nicely (no pun intended). The wallet has a distinct authentic feel that I only find in handmade goods. It holds just enough cards for me, 7 cards in total; 2 credit cards, 2 debit cards, 2 IDs and my health insurance card. It slides into my front pocket easily and it almost feels like nothing is there. The full grain vegetable tanned wallet is a great option for anyone looking for a product that over time will start to patina and give a nice worn look. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a leather minimalist wallet and t only $45 the Allen and Bradley Minimalist wallet is a great buy that you could easily use for the next 50 years.


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