Review: Strollegant Menswear Socks

Strollegant Menswear Socks

I had the pleasure of receiving a pre-sample of the new menswear socks from Strollegant. Their premium cotton socks are a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. From first inspection I was pleased by the packaging and the overall colors and patterns for the socks I received. I’m a big fan of blue, so these were perfect.

Strollegant Menswear Socks

After opening the package, I was greeted by the soft feel of their premium cotton. I’ve tried other men’s colorful socks, like Happy Socks, and they’re on par or even better. Upon further inspection everything looked good, the stitching was inline and there was no hanging threads, which is a good sign of quality control.

Strollegant Menswear SocksThere are plenty of menswear sock brands out there so it’s getting harder for companies to differentiate themselves from the masses. Strollegant leaves there competitors in the dust when it comes to design. I was thoroughly impressed by their designs and styles. There’s a definite “cool factor” that helps define the socks and separate them from the pack. I received the diamond pattern and a polka dot pattern which I’m a fan of.

After putting them on, I walked around in just the socks just to see how they felt and how much cushion they offered. The socks aren’t thick by any standard but sit somewhere in the middle. I’ve bought cheap menswear socks and was not happy with how they felt on my feet. It’s easy for people to overlook this aspect as when buying colorful socks, men tend to look at the design first and quality fall by the wayside. Happily, Strollegant did not, they offer great design using quality materials.

Strollegant Menswear Socks

After wearing my colorful socks around the office, I’d get complements from colleagues, even once during a meeting! One of the great things about these socks is that you can hide them under your pants if you want to and they can be your little secret. Or you can let them peak while sitting down or while crossing your legs. In total I’ve worn my two pairs of socks once a week and washed them four times. And though most sock brand will tell you not to throw them in the drier, I did anyway just to give them some extra abuse before doing this review. They did shrink just a tiny bit, but stretched by to size after putting them back on.

The socks sit just below my calf, which I consider the standard length for a sock. They had no problem staying up during the entire workday. I’ve had cheaper menswear socks continuously fall and I’d be constantly adjusting them throughout the day. I am excited to see what other styles and patterns they produce. As a Southern Californian, I love that they are designed in my home state. Strollegant’s socks offer a healthy balance of quality and design. I give them the All Things For Men stamp of approval and look forward to buying more socks from them.


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