Sock Game: Mens Colorful Socks

mens colorful socks

Mens Colorful Socks

mens colorful socks

One of the many growing trends in fashion accessories has been mens colorful socks. With the rising trend we have also seen a wave of new companies producing many different styles, patterns and colors to keep up with this funky trend. We find that colorful socks can add some spunk into any outfit without being over the top. Even business men are adding these colorful additions to their wardrobe.

Color has usually been reserved for ties and pocket square, but mens colorful socks have given them a run for their money. As the trend continues we have seen even the most serious men showoff their colorful socks. From President George H.W. Bush to the men of Wall Street, the trend has risen above techies and college kids.

These bits of color provide a chance to show off more than just boring dress socks. The “rules” say to match your dress socks to the color of your pants, but rules are meant to be broken. I find that wearing my colorful socks have lead to many compliments and conversations. I’ve also found that it’s easier to wear colorful or funky socks because I no longer have to try and match. The whole point to is contrast as apposed to blending in. And though you might think socks are just socks, having quality dress socks help your keep your feet comfortable through those long days spent in the office or on the go. Here are some of my favorite brands for mens colorful socks.

1. Happy Socks

mens colorful happysocks

One of the bigger brands to come make mens colorful socks. They are a cotton blend with MANY different patterns, colors, and variations to fit any man’s needs. They can be found at on the Happy Socks website, Nordstrom, Nordstrom’s Rack, or online at Amazon. The Swedish brand has taken the “man-gerie” industry by storm with over 100 unique color sock designs.


2. Sock It To Me


Unlike Happy Socks, Sock It To Me specializes in over the top designs. From mustaches and animals to ninjas. The company has appealed to the crowd that wants to go above just bright colors and wants something LOUD.


3. SmartWool

smartwool socks

My personal favorite of the three. This US based company creates high quality socks with all of their lines. They have plenty of variety with different lengths and thickness. Their wool blends offer the best breathability and longevity and for the price they are the some of the best that money can buy. Dress socks should be tough enough for office or outdoor use, and SmartWool hits the mark on both.

The growing industry of men’s fashion will only lead to more brands and more options. Men’s accessories are on the rise as more men are spending a little extra time on what they wear everyday. Colorful socks and good shoes are a way great to show off a little individuality without feeling like you’re “trying”. When I first delved into men’s fashion, I felt hesitant with every new piece of clothing I bought. I know many men feel this way, as they are not yet comfortable trying new styles. But I have also found that colorful socks are a great place to start becoming more fashionable.


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