Strollegant Menswear Socks

Strollegant menswear socks

It’s that time again, Strollegant has released a new line of men’s dress socks and they’re fantastic. I personally like this lot better than the last. The colors are bright and the patterns make them pop. If you haven’t read my first Strollegant Menswear Sock Review, I suggest you take a look.

strollegant colorful menswear socks

Strollegant as a brand is starting to gain some momentum, their styles and constant introduction of new socks lets you get a chance to own a wide variety of different colors and patterns. After all, the reason you buy these socks is because they are unique and add a little more to each outfit.

strollegant colorful socks

I have been wearing my colorful socks for the past few weeks and like the last set I got, they a pleasure to wear. They’ve held up to weekly wear and being in the washer and drier. Although I’ve seen most companies recommend not putting socks through the drier because it wears out the elastic, I have not seen any lack of elasticity out of my new Strollegant socks nor the ones I got months ago. The only reason I might not put them in the drier is because of the apparent monster that has eaten other socks I own. It seems to like the colorful ones so I’ll be wary about how often I run them through the drier gauntlet.

Overall, I am pleased with these socks once again and will continue to go to this brand for my colorful menswear sock fix. If they can keep up the fresh colors and styles I’ll continue to wear my Strollegant socks.



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