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Thirteen50 is a leather company that prides itself on their Made in USA products. The Thirteen50 Leather Kickstarter is currently live with a goal of just $7,500. They have 8 different pledge levels with their belts starting at $50.


I have two Thirteen50 leather belts, and I’ve got to admit, I love them. I’m a huge advocate of Made in USA products. You might have read my Allen & Bradley review, a small leather company. Just like Allen & Bradley, Thirteen50 Leather makes their products by hand and only uses premium materials sourced from the USA. Of the belts, one is made from full grain vegetable tanned belt and a burgundy bridle leather belt.


If you aren’t familiar with leather, you should at least know the difference between Full Grain leather and “Genuine Leather”. Genuine leather is technically made from real leather, but it the lowest grade of leather and is made with all of the scraps that didn’t make it. Companies press or stitch the pieces together like particle board and send it off. If you’ve ever had a genuine leather belt, it probably ended up splitting apart. Full grain leather is the top grain and is best part of the leather. It is strong and supple and what good boots, shoes, wallets, belts and any quality leather item you can think of, are made of. With proper care, full grain leather belts can last you a lifetime.


Not only are Thirteen50 leather belts made of full grain leather, they are also 12oz, which is thicker than what most other companies will sell. Along with the strong supple leather you get all brass hardware. Most other belt companies will use a zinc alloy, simply because it’s cheaper. But Thirteen50 offers a Lifetime Guarantee, so it’s in their best interest to not to have to pay to replace parts. I’m sure that’s not the only reason, but it helps!


This isn’t my only full grain leather belt. I also own a natural vegetable tanned Corter belt. And the two are similar in build quality and leather thickness. Both are around the same price too. The one thing I prefer about the Thirteen50 belt over the Corter belt is that the Thirteen50 belts have beveled edges, which I personally enjoy. This might not be important to some, but it makes me believe they chose to spend a little more time with each belt and added those small details that add to the uniqueness of the belt.


Thirteen50 is offering 5 different colors in their Kickstarter; chestnut, black, natural, dark brown, and burgundy.  They even offer some accessories like a key fob and wristbands. I am a fan of good leather. The thing I like most about my burgundy belt is that they match my Alden 403’s perfectly.  So if you happen to own those shoes, know that there is a belt to match.


Overall I am very happy with my two belts. I wouldn’t hesitate to get another. I know that these could be the last belts I would need to own. I’d highly recommend supporting this small brand and supporting their cause of keeping things in the USA. Pledge to the Thirteen50 Leather Belt Kickstarter today and get a Thirteen50 leather belt, you won’t regret it!


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