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To some shoes are just a functional piece of clothing that they don’t put much effort into. But by wearing the right kinds of shoes you’ll understand why some men shell out $350 for a single pair. You might think it’s unnecessary or a waste of money, but I’ll try to change your mind on that.

Shoes for men can often be overlooked because it’s not always the first thing you notice about a person. Most tend to look from the head than move downwards. But I am here to tell you, DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR SHOES! There is a saying that says to not be afraid of spending money on things that separate you from the ground. This includes tires, a mattress, and you guessed it, SHOES!

For the sake of length I will just be going over formal shoes and will link to a post for casual shoes later.

Leather shoes have been around for hundreds of years and will continue to be for many more. If you are already working in the professional sector than you most likely own a pair of leather dress shoes. If you’re just starting don’t worry we’ll find you the perfect pair. vNI9ncq

This is what you want to air for. You might have heard growing up that black is the most versatile color. Well l am here to inform you that it isn’t. Brown is the most versatile color in the work setting for men. It pairs well with grey, navy, and brown. We’ll try to stay away from wearing brown shoes with black, but it can work at times.

The more the shoe has going on the less formal. So the pair on the right with all of the fancy holes (Broguing). Broguing is decorative perforations but was originally used to help water drain when crossing wet terrain. They were considered shoes for outdoorsman but have since become appropriate for most occasions. The quarter brogue on the left is considered the most formal of the three. The cap toe shoe has very little broguing and will fit in with a suit, a pair of slacks or a pair of chinos. The semi brogue cap toe would a happy medium of formal and casual and will be appropriate 95% of the time in a professional environment.

The shoes that I like to recommend are the Allen Edmonds Strand or Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in walnut and brown respectively.



The Strand is here on the left and the Park Avenue is on the right. Some might think the Strand is a little flashy in the Walnut color but I think they are a versatile color that can be used in many different occasions. The Park Avenues in Brown are the safest and also even more versatile than the Strand. They are also just a bit more formal, being that they have no broguing. If you clicked the links, you might have seen that these shoes retail for $385.00 plus tax. You might be thinking to yourself that it is an insane amount of money to spend on a pair of shoes. Let me explain why they are so expensive and why it’s still a great deal.

These shoes are made from full grain leather. Full grain is the most durable and also has the tightest grain. This lends to its being better at resisting water. When you see a pair of shoes that say “Genuine Leather” all this means is that they used real leather but many different parts that are put together like particle board. Full grain is simply just the better part of leather that is not pressed together from different pieces of scraps. Not only are the materials better, but the way they are constructed are much better as well. These shoes are Goodyear welted, which is a process of stitching the shoe (upper) to the sole. Why is this better? When your sole starts to wear down they can be resoled by a cobbler, whereas a cheaper pair is glued and its sole cannot be replaced.

So now that we have an idea of how the shoe is made better lets do a little math. Lets say you buy a cheaper pair of dress shoes for $125, depending on use you can get maybe a year or more of them before the soles are worn down. It is now time to replace them with another pair. Over the course of 10 years you will have replaced your shoes between 5 to 10 times equalling between $625 and $1,250. But with a pair of better built shoes you are looking at $385 plus resoling every 2 years at around $85 (depending on your cobbler) equalling about $725. Now it doesn’t look so crazy buying a quality pair of shoes. There is an old saying, “I’m too poor to buy cheap”. It basically means that by purchasing items of lesser quality now, you will be spending more money in the long run. If you can purchase something that will last, it will end up saving you money. Not only will you be saving money, but for some it gives them more confidence knowing they have something built to last.

I often recommend this shoe because of its build quality, it’s made in the USA and because there are often sales through Nordstrom or Amazon which have brought this shoe down to under $200. I own three pairs of Allen Edmonds myself and love them. I am often complimented on their looks and once they are broken in, are very comfortable. They give me confidence in my day to day and give me a sense of pride knowing that I bought something, in my eyes, that are worth the money.

So the next time you go out to buy another pair of dress shoes, go into a department store and try on a pair. You’ll know why people spend the extra money upfront. Shoes are what bring an outfit together and can make or break your look. It is something that is often overlooked at the beginning, but if you only had $500 to spend on a new wardrobe, you’d be better off spending more than half of that on a good pair of shoes.


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