Top 5 Men’s Fashion Items From Amazon For 2016


What better way to ring in the new year than something new for yourself. I’ll give you a rundown of the top 5 men’s fashion items that every man needs. A New Year’s Resolution doesn’t have to be complex, it can be as simple as dressing a little better, or taking care of yourself.

If you’re interested in Amazon’s own list, click to see their Top Selling Men’s Fashion Items

It is a little tough to only list just 5 items but I’ll do my best to hit every category. This list is intended to give you the best bang for your buck as each piece will be versatile enough to be mixed and matched with various combinations.


Converse Chuck Taylor – It’s hard to go wrong with a pair of Chucks. They are a versatile casual shoe that can easily pair with jeans, chinos, and shorts when it’s warmer. A white shoe is a staple to any wardrobe and though there are more expensive white sneakers, the Chuck Taylor remains a classic.

2. 1053001_Dry_Smithsonian

Levi’s Jeans 508 or Levi’s 511 – Like the Chucks, a pair of dark wash denim should be in every man’s closet. Dark jeans go with just about anything. They can be dressed up with dress shoes or boots, or they can be dressed down a pair of Chucks or any other sneaker.

3. plain-white-t-shirtsPlain White T-Shirt – I know I know, it’s a bit boring, but it’s something you can’t go without. A well fit t-shirt and a pair of jeans is a classic look that has remained timeless. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a plain white t-shirt, it’s bound to get dirty. Do yourself a favor and go with one that that fits well and doesn’t break the bank.

4. timex-weekender

Timex Weekender – A simple watch with a NATO strap can complete most outfits. A watch is a functional accessory that can be used in almost any situation. For under $32 it’s hard to go wrong with the Timex Weekender.

5. 35mmHTanRawEdge6042GovBlk-2T

Orion Leather Belt – A simple vegetable tanned leather belt can be a piece that you keep for a few decades. It ages beautifully and does the job well. It’s not a dress belt, but a perfect casual belt that you can use more times than not.

If you like this belt check out the Thirteen50 Leather Belt I reviewed earlier.

And there they are. Your top 5 simple men’s fashion items to pick up from Amazon in 2016. This entire outfit can be had for less than $200. Don’t be like 99% of those out there that don’t follow through with their resolutions, make your goal attainable from the comfort of your home.

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